Master plans, site plans, landscape plans

Master plans, site plans, and landscape plans all refer to roughly the same thing... Drawing up your ideas and planning your outdoor space in advance. Honestly, I would never dig in without one. The landscape plan is essential to exploring opportunities and conveying the design concept before construction begins or materials bought. The landscape plan comes in a variety of forms. Quick sketches, line drawings to computer renderings are all available to you. I want to make sure by getting pen to paper that you are fully aware and approve of the design concept before moving forward. 

Once the landscape plan is approved, I manage the demolition and then construction of your approved design. I am with the crew each and every day making sure the quality of craftsmanship is at my high level of standards. By managing on site, I am always looking to see how we can make improvements that do not interfere with your budget.  In fact, I want my client's to save money so if I can make suggestions without influencing the design concept, I will do so.